Roy Itzhaki Architectures was established in 2009 and operates in both public and privet construction.
The office is based on a combination of architectural professionalism, creativity and innovation while respecting deadlines and budget.
The firm specializes in a variety of areas: designing office buildings, residential buildings and villas, as well as interior design. In addition, specialized counseling and support for green construction according to the requirements of the Standards Institute of Israel.
Participation in competitions is part of the credo of the firm, which won the competition; An amphitheater design, planning and kindergartens clusters, cultural and shows center.
 The office’s clients include the Tel Aviv – Yafo Fund Development, Modi'in Economic Development Company, Bnei Brak Economic Development Company, Harel Insurance company, Nigdal Insurance Company, Ayala Agam Company, Tzuk Eitan Company, Jacob Itzhaki Group, Paz Company etc.
In addition to the activity in Israel, the firm collaborates regularly with colleagues in Paris planning projects in France (residential and office).